The Shortform-Pipette with elm-tip and single-piece PE-Piston is part of the large assortment of tripartite PE-pipettes. It is especially useful if a precise pipette for relatively large dosing volumes is enclosed in small outer packaging.

By using elm-tip pipettes instead of the popular luer-tip pipettes, the pipettes are incompatible with luer-connectors and needles. Thereby misuse will be avoided, e.g. an intravenous use of the pipette, which can be lethal.

For this pipette adaptors are available for glass-, PE- and PET-bottles with bottleneck PP28 and DIN/GL 18.

The adaptors allow the bottle to be emptied completely. They also prevent contamination of the medicine as the pipette surface does not come into contact with the content.

We print the dosing body according to your ideas.

If requested, the pipette can be delivered mounted with adaptor and/or single packed as well.

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Material: body: PP, piston: PE

Art.-No. 703100 3 ml Pipette

Art. No. 706100 6 ml Pipette

Art. No. 712100 12 ml Pipette

Art. No. 725100 25 ml Pipette