elm-plastic PP-Pipette


The bipartite PP-dosing pipette 5 ml with high-transparent PP-body and single-piece PE-Piston - it is the addition to the large assortment of tripartite PE-pipettes and shortform-pipettes.
The PP-dosing pipette 5 ml is available with flat end as well as with elm-tip.
By using the elm-tip pipettes instead of the popular luer-tip pipettes we reach an incompatibility of the pipettes with luer-connectors and needles. Thereby misuse will be avoided, e.g. an intravenous use of the pipette, which can lead to fatal consequences for the patient.
For this pipette adaptors are available for glass-, PE- and PET-bottles with bottleneck PP28 and DIN/GL18.
The adaptors allow a complete emptying of the bottles and they prevent the medicine from contamination as the pipettes surface won't get into contact with the medium.
Printing of the dosing body is carried out according to your wishes.
The PP-dosing pipette provides the well-known advantages of the elm-dosing pipettes:

  • high dosing accuracy
  • scaling and printing according to your request
  • the materials used are in compliance with the food-contact guidelines
  • COA will be supplied with each batch
  • if required we will provide documentation on basis of the "Notice to Applicants" and the respective guidelines, ready to be turned in for admission at the competent authorities.


Art. No. 905100
PP-Dosing pipette 5 ml flat
Art. No. 905600
PP-Dosing pipette 5 ml elm tip

Material: Body: PP, Piston: PE

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