Adapter Dosierpipetten


This adaptor has the following advantages

Bottle and pipette can have different lengths.
A relatively small pipette can be used in combination with a larger bottle.
The adaptor can be mounted in the bottleneck either during the filling process or by the patient.
It prevents contamination of the medicine as the pipette surface does not come into contact with the content.
The adaptor allows the bottle to be emptied completely.

Handling procedure:
The pipette is put in the adaptor in the upright position and then turned upside down together with the bottle (Fig.1).
In this position the medicine is measured out.
Afterwards the bottle is turned in the upright position again and the filled pipette can be removed (Fig. 2).
The bottle is sealed with the inserted adaptor by using a common closure


For bottleneck PP 28, available for glass-, PE- and PET bottles. Suitable for all elm-plastic pipettes with flat tip and with elm-tip.
Material: PE


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