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elm-plastic GmbH

Since 1990 elm-plastic GmbH has been manufacturing pharmaceutical primary packaging and dosing devices for human and veterinary medical preparations in its location in Dudeldorf (Germany). (PDF-Download | 9.4 MB)

elm-plastic Cleanroom


We manufacture under clean room conditions and in certified clean room GMP grade D / ISO class 8.


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Development & Mould Making

Through our product development department and our own mold shop we are able to provide our complete service and our know-how from the idea up to series production.

We develop, design and manufacture the molds used in our production. That way, we are able to react flexibly and quickly to our customers requirements.

elm-plastic Production


Our machine park includes 24 injection molding machines as well as printing, assembly and packaging equipment. All production steps are done in our production and in accordance with our customers requirements.

elm-plastic Quality and Environment


Production processes are monitored and controlled by SPC (Statistical Process Control). A CAQ system (Computer Aided Quality) saves measuring results and documents process quality.
Visual and measuring tests are carried out regularly. For every delivery we provide our customers with a CoA (Certificate of Analysis).
elm-plastic GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and Annex V, Section 3 of Directive 93/42 / EEC (CE marking).

Sustainability  elm-plastic


Since the beginning of 2018 we were able to switch our eletricity supply to 100% renewable sources which leads to a significant reduction of emitted greenhouse gases. The graph below shows the emissions of CO2 per metric ton of input plastic material.



Two-Component Injector

For the sequential application of antibiotic dry cow treatment and internal teat sealer in one application.


Our Products

Dosing Pipette

The solution for high precision dosage of liquidas.

Udder Injectors

The elm-plastic udder injector is the result of successful collaboration of veterinarian, pharmaceutical manufacturer and our development department.


The Shortform-Pipette with elm-tip and single-piece PE-Piston - it is the addition to the large assortment of tripartite PE-pipettes.

Holed Screw Cap and Protective Sheath

For bottle threads PP25, PP28 and PP31, compatible for all pipette sizes.

Pipette Wiper

For bottle-neck PP 28 and pipettes with nominal diameter of 9.5, 11 and 13.6 mm.

Adaptor for Dosing Pipettes

By using the adaptor a length-independency between bottle and pipette is achieved.


For oral application of vet.-med. pastes and gels.

Holed Screw Cap for Dosing Pipettes

For bottle threads PP25, PP28 and PP31, compatible for all pipette sizes.


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